• Will the L-frame fit under a loft bed?
  • The L-frame will fit under all our loft beds and the loft beds Provided by UGA Housing (Yes, Even in Creswell).
  • Can I upgrade to an 8" mattress on the Tri-Fold futon frames?
  • Yes, but because the futon mattress is so thick, it doesn't easily fold into the loveseat position.
  • Why should I buy a futon cover?
  • The futon is a white canvas color. We recommend you buy a futon cover for three reasons: 1.) A futon cover is specially fitted to stay on the mattress, 2.) A cover helps protect the mattress from dirt and can be taken off and machine washed, 3.) Covers come in a variety of colors to coordinate your room.
  • Can I use a fitted sheet instead of a futon cover?
  • A fitted sheet is OK if the futon is only used as a bed. But, when the futon is raised up to a sitting position, a sheet usually pulls off the corners. A futon cover surrounds the mattress, eliminating this problem.
  • Do I need any tools to assemble a futon?
  • No. Our futon frames are already preassembled and ready to setup.

  • The legs seem to be splitting, is that normal?
  • Yes. Those are called check cracks and mainly happen in 4"x4" lumber. These check cracks do not affect the stability of the loft bed.
  • What is included in a Loft Bed kit?
  • Five pieces: pre-assembled head board and foot board, 2" x 6" rails (one rail has the guard rail already attached and mounts away from the wall), bundle of 2"x4" spring supports and braces, and hardware bag with illustrated assembly instructions.
  • I'm not going to UGA or Emory. Do I need box springs?
  • Our loft bed comes with 2 mattress supports. You will need a solid surface to place your mattress on. Box Springs will work, but due to the thickness, they may render the guardrail useless and put you too close to the ceiling. We recommend using a 3/4" plywood platform cut to 37" x 80".
  • What tools will I need to put together a Loft Bed?
  • Two people, a hammer, 9/16 wrench, ratchet with 9/16 and 7/16 sockets (a cordless drill helps tremedously) It takes the average consumer about 30 minutes to put up our Loft Bed.

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