University of Georgia 2020

Pre-Order Pick-up Aug 14 - Aug 17
We will arrange your pick-up when you have a better idea when you will be moving in. The futon is best moved in after everything else is in its place, so keep that in mind when thinking of the best pick-up time.
About the Delivery
We schedule deliveries in one hour time slots starting at 10am. Your delivery team will show up some time during your pre-determined hour and be about 15min. We will set your futon up in the room, put the cover over the futon, and demonstrate the different futon configurations. If you want to trade your cover for another color, let us know before we take it out of the package and we will be glad to exchange it.

Please browse our products and if you have any questions do not hesitate to call us at 478-274-8141.

Our office hours are 9am-5pm EST Monday-Friday.