• 5” x 6” Super Laminate Swing Beam • 4’ x 4’ Fort • 4” x 4” legs • canopy roof • 8’ wave slide • 2 swings (Color options: Green, Blue, Pink, Purple) • Sandbox w/ two corner seats • Redwood Stain & Sealer • 4 foot deck height Delivery and Setup rates (From East Dublin): Mileage: 0-20 $150; 21-60 $180; 61-120 $210


Our Playsets Feature: Sturdy eight brace forts Quality swing components Stainless steel hooks smooth rounded lumber galvanized fasteners The Super Laminate Swing Beam: The single most important piece of the playset is the swing beam. It should be strong, but flexible. Our Super Laminate swing beam is simply the strongest beam put on a playset. We laminate three 2”x6” boards together with glue and screws. The Stain: We only use top of the line commercial stain/sealer to keep water out, shield from the sun, and look good for a long time. This is the same stain/sealer used by other top playset builders. Our top quality semi-transparent stain beads water for 2 years. Our standard stain color is a Redwood color. The Lumber: The lumber is pressure treated southern yellow pine for a lifetime of protection against rotting and insects. We are very picky when it comes to lumber. Only the straightest and cleanest lumber goes into our playset structures. If it isn’t good enough, it goes back to our supplier.