Tee-A-Tee Swing

One Size: $549


The seat has a continuous curve that goes from the seat all the way through to the top of the swing back. High enough for most people to relax their head back. One of the cool features of the TAT Swing is because it has a high back, you can adjust the chain with the quick link to recline the back to your comfort. Table between two seats includes two cup holders. The length of the seats between the arms is 21". The overall length outside the arms is 72". More Details: Deep (overall length from front to back) - 33” Seat (from front to back) - 18” Back (from seat to top) - 32”


Hand stacked and air dried high grade pressure treated yellow pine. All edges are rounded for a soft finished appearance and virtually eliminates splinters. Held together with deck screws, galvanized washers, zinc coated nuts and bolts. The chain is 2/0 coil straight link and zinc coated. Our swings can hold up to 600 pounds per swing. Each swing comes with enough chain to reach an eight foot ceiling height. Add a pair of springs and the chain can reach up to a nine foot ceiling.


Porch Swing Springs $35/pair Double Porch Swing Springs $99 (includes two pair of Porch Springs and needed hardware) Pedal Kit $139