Wood Care

Our outdoor products our made with preserved yellow pine, which is warrantied for a lifetime of protection against rot and insects. Additional protection is needed against sun, mildew, and water damage. Most products recommend allowing the wood to weather one year unprotected. This allows the "grain to rise".

When you are ready to protect the wood:

Snug tight the screws and bolts (the wood shrinks during weathering). Remove the chains before applying stain. Sand the surfaces of the furniture that you will touch while sitting (arms, slats). Usually 100 to 120 grit paper works best. Finally, apply the wood stain/sealer. Pour the entire contents of the can into a one gallon pump sprayer. Lay the piece on plastic sheeting and spray the underneath side first. Wipe up any excess with a clean rag and then repeat for the top side. Allow it to dry.

When choosing a stain/sealer remember:

Buy quality! Choose a stain/sealer intended for a wood deck. The more pigment in the stain the better and longer lasting the protection, especially from the sun. Clear (1-2 years), Semi-Transparent (3-6 years), and Solid (5-15 years).

5 Year Limited Warranty

We stand by the quality of our products. Should a failure occur that was due to defective material or craftmanship, we will repair or replace the parts as necessary free of charge for a period of five years, but not including shipping. Delivery charges may be required depending on location.


If you are not completely satisfied with any of our products, you have 30 days to notify us from the day you received the merchandise to get a full money back refund for the cost of the merchandise. Delivery / Shipping charges may be required.

Please browse our products and if you have any questions do not hesitate to call us at 478-274-8141.

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